Primal Footmark 2013 #11

PF 2013 Special Movie #11 - FINAL[11-33-23]

I was wrong about this post that I thought as the last PF special movie of the year. But this comment might be the real last PF 2013 special movie, so I (finally) decided to translate this as the first post of the year 2014. Besides, this short movie was published on my second birthday (^∇^)
Well, here it is my attempt!

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Primal Footmark 2013 #10 attempted translation

Because it’s short and kinda easy, taken mostly in Jakarta and (could be) the last Primal Footmark video of this year, so I decided to translate this ^^

first of all, if you haven’t watched, here’s the link of the video (thanks to Shiho-san)
And great thanks to 23chan who helped me correcting the Japanese part ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
Here it is!

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