PatiPati December 2008 : Doppelgänger-related Q&A!

What if, there was another you?

credit to Shinigamitabris@Livejournal

If we could share memories, I would go to play baseball while making the other me to do works and other annoying stuffs. At first, seems there would be a dispute over who’s going for baseball, but it would be great if we could share memories in the end whether it’s fun or painful.

I would watch my own show. While playing with the band, it’s impossible to watch my performance, so I would be able to experience even the atmosphere. I definitely want to watch the show whether it’s at-the-peak performance or when we give up on doing music.

As for me, I would make the other me to forever look at the sky. We never know when the UFO will show up, but I can’t look at the sky by myself for the whole day. If there was another me to look it up for the whole day, I would certainly get the chance to see it……。

I would make the other me to travel around the world. While I was living up my normal life, the other me would see many kinds of world, experience many kinds of things, and when he came back I would absorb all the enjoyable and painful things he had gotten.

I would make the other me to keep eating sweets……eh, would that also make me gain some weight? That would be bad. Okay then, I would make him go on a homestay, and let him remember English. It’d also be nice if he could date a foreign girl (laughs)


PatiPati May 2007 : Revealing ONE OK ROCK members’ Innermost Secrets

Writer’s note :
Hello, it’s been a while (・∀・)ノ
Things happened makes me reduce my learning time, so it’s been a long time for not translating stuff, I missed it (>.<)
This time I decided to translate one of their old interview, don’t know if this part has been translated, though :p Thanks to shinigamitabris for the scan and great thanks to my beloved friend who has helped me with grammar. So here it is! ↓


When I invited them to talk with each other about each member’s “darkest secret”, isn’t everyone revealing too much? (laugh)
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