PatiPati December 2008 : Doppelgänger-related Q&A!

What if, there was another you?

credit to Shinigamitabris@Livejournal

If we could share memories, I would go to play baseball while making the other me to do works and other annoying stuffs. At first, seems there would be a dispute over who’s going for baseball, but it would be great if we could share memories in the end whether it’s fun or painful.

I would watch my own show. While playing with the band, it’s impossible to watch my performance, so I would be able to experience even the atmosphere. I definitely want to watch the show whether it’s at-the-peak performance or when we give up on doing music.

As for me, I would make the other me to forever look at the sky. We never know when the UFO will show up, but I can’t look at the sky by myself for the whole day. If there was another me to look it up for the whole day, I would certainly get the chance to see it……。

I would make the other me to travel around the world. While I was living up my normal life, the other me would see many kinds of world, experience many kinds of things, and when he came back I would absorb all the enjoyable and painful things he had gotten.

I would make the other me to keep eating sweets……eh, would that also make me gain some weight? That would be bad. Okay then, I would make him go on a homestay, and let him remember English. It’d also be nice if he could date a foreign girl (laughs)


PatiPati May 2007 : Revealing ONE OK ROCK members’ Innermost Secrets

Writer’s note :
Hello, it’s been a while (・∀・)ノ
Things happened makes me reduce my learning time, so it’s been a long time for not translating stuff, I missed it (>.<)
This time I decided to translate one of their old interview, don’t know if this part has been translated, though :p Thanks to shinigamitabris for the scan and great thanks to my beloved friend who has helped me with grammar. So here it is! ↓


When I invited them to talk with each other about each member’s “darkest secret”, isn’t everyone revealing too much? (laugh)
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Primal Footmark 2013 #10 attempted translation

Because it’s short and kinda easy, taken mostly in Jakarta and (could be) the last Primal Footmark video of this year, so I decided to translate this ^^

first of all, if you haven’t watched, here’s the link of the video (thanks to Shiho-san)
And great thanks to 23chan who helped me correcting the Japanese part ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
Here it is!

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[Net Talk] Maximum the Hormone Monthly Talk #5

Hello! (・∀・)ノ
It will be my first non-quote translation of this blog, I’m kinda excited!
But sorry if I’m not that excited to make full translation. I will just write down what I understand here, and only the part where Daisuke Han (Maximum the Hormone’s vocalist) and Nao (MTH’s drummer) talk about their joint live with ONE OK ROCK in Hachioji, Nagoya.
Use the picture to guide you to the time of talks.

So here it is and enjoy ( ´∀`)

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