No Longer a Boy, Not Yet a Man


The interview was held right after vocal-guitarist Toru’s 18th birthday. ONE OK ROCK, band whose members are all aged between 17 and 18 wrapped year 2006 up with their first one-man concert at Shinjuku LOFT on December 18. I asked them about the real daily lives of no-longer-a-boy-not-yet-a-man in such a susceptible period.

text : koichi kamiya | photo : araboshi

I’m of clingy nature so I always want to have someone else next to me – Taka

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ONE OK ROCK : This is Our Roots

newsmaker_0704-oor01sm copy
credit to :

We’ll be able to see the principle of the band by exploring the root of music. But they, who rush in with 100% pure band-style, have a root that can’t be called as rock music…isn’t it a bit surprising?
Photographer : Takaaki Miura | Interview/Text : Domei Toshitomo

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PatiPati December 2008 : Doppelgänger-related Q&A!

What if, there was another you?

credit to Shinigamitabris@Livejournal

If we could share memories, I would go to play baseball while making the other me to do works and other annoying stuffs. At first, seems there would be a dispute over who’s going for baseball, but it would be great if we could share memories in the end whether it’s fun or painful.

I would watch my own show. While playing with the band, it’s impossible to watch my performance, so I would be able to experience even the atmosphere. I definitely want to watch the show whether it’s at-the-peak performance or when we give up on doing music.

As for me, I would make the other me to forever look at the sky. We never know when the UFO will show up, but I can’t look at the sky by myself for the whole day. If there was another me to look it up for the whole day, I would certainly get the chance to see it……。

I would make the other me to travel around the world. While I was living up my normal life, the other me would see many kinds of world, experience many kinds of things, and when he came back I would absorb all the enjoyable and painful things he had gotten.

I would make the other me to keep eating sweets……eh, would that also make me gain some weight? That would be bad. Okay then, I would make him go on a homestay, and let him remember English. It’d also be nice if he could date a foreign girl (laughs)

PatiPati May 2007 : Revealing ONE OK ROCK members’ Innermost Secrets

Writer’s note :
Hello, it’s been a while (・∀・)ノ
Things happened makes me reduce my learning time, so it’s been a long time for not translating stuff, I missed it (>.<)
This time I decided to translate one of their old interview, don’t know if this part has been translated, though :p Thanks to shinigamitabris for the scan and great thanks to my beloved friend who has helped me with grammar. So here it is! ↓


When I invited them to talk with each other about each member’s “darkest secret”, isn’t everyone revealing too much? (laugh)
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Moriuchi Takahiro @ Wink-up June 2002: Truth and Falsity

Hello~ it’s been a long time (・∀・)ノ
Yes, it’s been a long time for me not translating ONE OK ROCK stuff. I’ve used my break time to find more infos about this band. :p
And when I was exploring Twitter, I found this


It’s not a ONE OK ROCK stuff, but since it’s challenging to read the article, I decided to read it (then translating it). Thank you sooo much, 23chan for the help by giving me correction. I learn a lot! (^^)♪
Well, here it is~

There’s a lot of things that readers haven’t heard yet about Moriuchi who’s just joined Johnny’s this year…
today let’s make him to show it off.

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ONE OK ROCK Radio : FM Ehime Telephone Service (7)

Broadcast time : August 20th 2007, 1:00 – 1:30
Personality : Taka, Toru and Tomoya

Tomoya-kun as a guest continuing last week!! He’s deeply engaged in conversation this time lol

Talking about being an adult/20 years old
Taka : How about smoking?
Toru : I’m not good with smoke. There’s a place in livehouse where you can smoke, isn’t it? The smoke got into my lungs(><.)!! Recently I’m getting better (at adapting to smoke) but I think it’s impossible for me to smoke (-∀-;)

Taka : How about sake?
Toru : I’m into beer and shochu*1!

The talk kept overlapping Moreover, it was unclear…

Taka : Tomoya who have just been a 20 years old for 2 months will introduce the song★!
Tomoya : Our second single, Yumeyume


Tomoya : Song we just played was Yumeyume♪
Taka : Well, feel free to talk today One question one answer, okay(`∀´)♪
What thing are you addicted to recently?
Tomoya : Igo*2.
Taka : Did you go to beach and river?
Tomoya : I didn’t.
Taka : What’s your hobby?
Tomoya : Table tennis
Taka : What are you doing on your day-off?
Tomoya : Sleeping

It’s over~lol

Toru : I wanna do BBQ
Toru : Ah We’re invited by Porno-san*3 (for a BBQ), aren’t we!
Taka : Yeah, yeah. I can’t go, though… I think I should do that for filial piety♪

Toru : I wanna have BBQ on the seashore(*´∀`人)
Taka : Seashore?! Do you have BBQ on the seashore?
Toru : Eh? Is seashore impossible place to do that ?
Taka : Did you mean riverside?
Toru : Aah, riverside eh, riverside!!! It’s good for Tomoya who’s already able to have some alcohol,eeh (-3-)

Toru : Do you know something fun?
Tomoya : How about table tennis?
Toru : I don’t like it
Taka : I don’t like it, too (-∀-)
Tomoya : How about Igo?
Toru : Eeh?!!
Tomoya : Igo is fun
Toru : I don’t like activity that needs to think lol  Thing I can do spontaneously is better
Taka : Because we don’t like to think
Tomoya : Sports, then
Taka : Sport is not good for my nerve
Toru : That’s unreasonable!!! lol

Taka is keeping arwana fishn’□’)n Never heard of it~ Moreover, their names are Hiroshi and Takashi!!!(゜∀゜)lol

Talking about (Toru’s ?) hometown somewhere
Toru : Everyday is noisy with sound of fireworks~ There’s also a lot of gals…*4
Taka : Toru, go to them naked then!! Tell’em, “yoyoyo, lemme join you~♪”
Toru : *ignores*
Tomoya(?) : Next time, let’s set up some fireworks in Toru’s room
Toru : It’ll burn my house down
Taka : Yuu~p we can’t do such dangerous thing, right~?

Toru-kun introduced the song
Naketekuru by Ulfuls


Tomoya : That was Naketekuru (←while crying (><) ) by Ulfuls!!!
(Tomo-kun was so adorable )

Taka : (↑ignores him) Okay! Here it is the corner to introduce recommended song!!
Hajikero by GreeeN

♪a song by GreeeN

Theme of the month
What makes you remember summer♪
Taka : How about you, Tomoya?
Tomoya : I love ice so my friend and I would challenge each other on how many bar of Garigari-kun*5 we can eat and I could eat about 5 bars.
Toru : That’s boring
Taka : Don’t you have any other thing?

Taka came to talk
when Toru started saying “have a BBQ…”
then it got disconnected as usual
(yes it became a habit)

When I made it to call back, Karasu was being played

Taka : That was Karasu♪
Today Tomoya was so involved in the conversation
Tomoya : Yup I talked freely, talked freely
(he talked a lot(゜∀゜)lol)
Taka : How about doing the broadcast this way for 3 weeks in a row?
Toru : Naah, just do the regularAh Do the broadcast alone someday!
Taka : Well I want to try that someday…

It seems that the concert at Shinsaibashi DROP I’m going to attend is sold out★!Waah!!(whut)
A joint gig with UVERworld♪ How Toru saying “UVERworld” hit me right at the point~lol

Taka : Guest for next week?
Toru : The hell I know!
(Eeh!! He doesn’t care eh )
Bye bye then♪
Toru : I’m hungry, I’m hungry

It’s over.
Since I’m updating late at night and writing it down half-asleep, please forgive any mistake in the text~(´Д`)

Goodnight then♪

1. Shochu = Japanese distilled beverage which is stronger than wine and sake (x)
2. Igo = Chinese board game (x)3. Porno-san => Porno Graffiti
4. Gals = young girls in Japan with heavy make-up and dyed brown or blond hair. (x)
5. Garigari-kun = very popular ice cream bar (x)
Btw it’s been awhile I don’t say this. Please forgive any mistake in this translation and check the source if you’re not sure ^o^

ONE OK ROCK Radio : FM Ehime Telephone Service (6)

Broadcast time : August 13th 2007, 1:00 – 1:30
Personality : Taka, Toru and Tomoya

I was several minutes late to make a call and totally missed the first part (ノД`) I knew it in the end. That they had a guest coming today. Just why? Of course they have been talking about it but… aah stupid (`Д´)!! Feel so pissed offtoday…

When I could connect, someone’s song was just over.

Toru : Song we just played was xx by xx!! ← I didn’t get it at all (`∀´)

Taka : Theme of the month “What makes you remember summer”

They burst out laughing reading the name of the mail sender! But I didn’t hear the name clearly (;дΩ)

Have you ever done courage test?

Taka : Did your school have stay-in-school program?
Toru : Yeah I’ve ever heard about something like gathering where students camp at school

Then it came to an exciting talk1 about camping …(‘□`) Of course it’s Toru who said that. I didn’t hear it clearly but I knew that it was unsafe lol

That made Taka had to stop him halfway~lol

Taka : I’ve never done any courage test
Toru : (When I was in high school) Haunted house was popular~ That everyone would make classroom into haunted house~. But the room was bright since it’s in the daytime!!! That’s why, when we made the haunted house along the gym corridor, it became the most popular★(‘ー+’)

Toru : You see, what people loves about darkness is because they would be able to do kissing

Once again, Toru started talking dirty about camping in the dark and stuff I couldn’t understand…(・∀・;)

Taka : I think that’s enough since Toru starts getting wild lol
←Taka tried to change the conversation to the next subject

Taka : Okay isn’t this the last song~? The title is…

Toru : Tento 2! lol

Taka : No~! The last time you said “hato”~ geez~(´-`)
The coupling song of Yumeyume released at July 25th… Karasu!!!(*`0ω0b)b★


Taka : The song we just played was Karasu!!

♪Kako wa kyōkasho ni mirai wa shukudai

Taka : We came to bring you ONE OK ROCK half-time★!

Here someone said, “Tomoya” and Tomo-kun made a voice
Me : Here he is! lol (rude of me)
I just knew his presence in the end!(^^;) I’m sorry, Tomo-kun.

They talked that they might have another guest coming next week.

Toru : Why are you coming?
Tomoya : I miss you guys (^^)
Toru : …Disgusting!(-Д-)
…Okay we’ll be waiting for everyone’s mail(‘v`)

Taka : *laughs*

Sae ( Toru( ̄□ ̄)?!!! Don’t bully Tomo-kun!!!!!(><。) Though I laughed so hard Geez I’m really sorry for today, Tomo-kun!!!orz)

~ time for promoting stuffs
Taka : Have you listened to Yumeyume?!(‘□^)★ Also the song Karasu we just played!!

Toru mentioned the tour dates in August and somehow Taka confirmed each live date lol

Taka : It’s where our glorious side is all together★(‘∀’) And please also watch the performance of other artists (*´ω`*)

Toru : Bye bye(‘ー`)

Ah~(↓) I couldn’t hear it~ I was shocked, really(P―`) Well see ya next week

That wasSae~★

1. exciting talk. some explanation, exciting talk here refers to dirty talk, which means Toru started to talk dirty it wasn’t safe to the younger listeners that Taka had to stop him before it’s gone too far.
2. tento = tent or camping since toru kept talking about camping

ONE OK ROCK Radio : FM Ehime Telephone Service (5)

Broadcast time : August 6th 2007, 1:00 – 1:30
Personality : Taka, Toru and Alex

It has started~ ONE OK ROCK half-time
Here we are vocalist Taka, guitarist-vocalist Toru and guitarist Alex!
Alex the next Takada Junji*★!(…eh what?! Really? lol)

Taka : The tour has begun★!… It’s hot, isn’t it. We surely need the air conditioner! (* ̄∀ ̄) Do you have some target?

Toru : Target, eh… not to be beaten by summer heat!! So we can do the performance!

Yume Yume by ONE OK ROCK was played♪
dakara iwande kure
“douse ore ha” to ka iu no!
mada da! mada da!!
yatte minakya
wakaranze! wakaranze!!
saki no hoshou ha
DOKO no sekai ni mo nai kai
dakara sore motomete
yatte tara zettai
DEKAku ha narenzo!!

That was Yume Yume★

Taka : Tour has started! As I thought we need to get some break! (´ω`) I think people who checked blog have known that Alex and Tomoya enjoyed playing table tennis in Shibuya♪

Alex : We do sports because we’re still young!!

Taka : Toru and I were chilling out at home doing nothing~ lol We don’t do sports!

Toru : It was fun when we went fishing in Wakayama~(*´∀`人)

Taka : The fishes Toru had caught, were all died inside the box lol Because it was before the tour, we went fishing since morning and caught around 150 fishes~ lol

Taka : What is Ryota doing? Is it about a girl? lol

Toru : A girl, huh? lol He’s still high school student, anyway♪ The time when love blooms

Unknown : The “enjoying fireworks scene” after festival is amazing eh~

3 of them were getting all excited (゜∀゜) lol

Taka : I wonder if Ryota will do ( ̄∀ ̄)

Toru : But all of us are still teens★! We’re the youth!

Toru : Well here it is the heartbreak song… Kaede by SPITZ


Corner to introduce one recommended song!!!! A 4-member reggae group with well-ordered voice of each member
Birdman by Fire Ball

Theme of the month is…
Thing that will make you remember summer★!
Today is Alex’s story
(I didn’t get the first talk (p_;)) All of a sudden, Alex got a call from a punk

Punk : I heard you said that you can beat me, didn’t you!
Alex : What, I didn’t say anything…

Alex : But since I did boxing, as you might think, I got carried away♪ lol

Taka and Toru : *laughs*

Alex : Then, when I decided to go to that punk’s place, there were about 30-40 yankees already!… When I thought of quickly kneeling to the ground, I got beaten up~

Taka and Toru : Eeh!!

Alex : Then I didn’t remember anything. From what I heard from a friend, I fought them for about 10 minutes before running away(゜∀゜) lol

Taka and Toru : *laughs*

Alex : I was carried by patrol car and was asked about what had happened but I didn’t remember a thing

Taka : That summer experience is interesting but also dangerous! I hope you won’t get carried away anymore!★

And the last song!
Taka : Tooru-kun, please introduce the song…!
Toru : Hato*2

Taka : …That’s wrong lol It’s not “hato” isn’t it~? Please listen to this song, Karasu★!

As “Kako wa kyōkasho ni mirai wa shukudai” was playing, the broadcast finished!
… and got cut off. (again~)

But I could listen to it well I was having a bath until right before the broadcast so I thought I wouldn’t be able to listen today ★! I’m glad for it~ (*´∀`人)

Alex’s voice was so cute(pq゜v`) Probably because it was the first time to hear it directly

That’s all the report


Note: 1. Takada Junji is Japanese actor and comedian. But I’m not sure about this part (that I made it italic) so please check the source.
2. Hato means “dove” while Karasu means “crow”. I’m sure you already know eh.. ^^;

ONE OK ROCK Radio : FM Ehime Telephone Service (4)

Broadcast time : July 30th 2007, 1:00 – 1:30
Personality : Taka & Toru

I did listen to last week’s broadcast (ONE OK ROCK radio (3) ), but… the radio wave wasn’t good enough and I just got the feeling to do that when the dirty jokes and talks were already over, so I have nothing to write down! lol

Okay I’m gonna write down the report of this broadcast

Toru appeared in a different voice! He was introduced as Mr. Kakefu (?)…ーー;(What?)

Taka : Well, something’s coming near real soon! … right?
Toru : Yup! Girls are coming near~!
Taka : No no! lol It’s national tour! “Masayume no mata yume” tour. You guys have to come!

Then, 2nd single “Yume Yume” was played*
♪Shikkari vision wo tatakidase

Monomane*1~♪ It’s getting popular among members! Taka who loves doing monomane offered to do monomane of ELLEGARDEN’s vocalist after someone said she wanted to hear that!*2.. something like that lol

Here it is, the national tour! Stamina is important (Since they’re going to travel around by car (´_`;) It seems hard. Looking forward to live performance in Shinsaibashi DROP!)
Gonna sweat a lot*3~♪

To overcome the summer fatigue!
Taka : Somen noodles! Soba! Watermelon! (Don’t give it to people when they’re blindfolded) Eel!… Four of them are good to overcome the summer heat~
Toru : I will eat a lot of ice cream! I love milk milk  (Just why did you say it twice… lol)  I’d like to go back and forth to the ice cream store in the neighbourhood! (That’s cute blush)

Be careful of eating too much So you won’t get stomachache

…they played one song.
From Unchain (?). They said they ever had a joint gig with them(*´∀`)

Corner to introduce one recommended song!!
Insurance by The Higher. Both of them said, “It’s cool!

Theme of the month “Summer Holiday”
A post from someone from Kyoto said, “I went to fireworks festival but when I went to toilet, I missed about the half of it(p_;) Do you like fireworks festival?
Toru : Yeah I love it!!
Taka : Is there even anyone who hates it? lol
Toru : I don’t know ! Fireworks… look when they’re set off, they would go “Boom!!!!” right?… It’s kinda giving you heart attack
Taka : Eeh? That’s not good eh ( ゚∀゚ )lol… Btw why did this kid even go to toilet (when the fireworks were about to set)? lol Moreover, missing about the half of the show…..(that’s long!)
Then, Toru’s dirty joke was burst out. LOL!

Go to the next post. Lol
Taka : There’s no name and address!
Toru : There’s also no phone number… I can’t make a call (to the sender) (p__;)
Taka : WTF! lol I’m surprised! lol
(Whaat? So if I put phone number, Toru would call me?!(//∀//)(Impossible) lol)
Content of the post is When I lit up fireworks on the rooftop on a rainy day, the smoke was (the only thing that) coming out I couldn’t enjoy it…
Toru : What a pity…

…then it got cut off. eeh..
I’ve never heard ONE OK ROCK time, not even once!! Why did it get cut off! Why did you cut it off! That’s enough! (It’s the second time lol )

Aah~ I’m curious about the rest of it~
Well, can’t help it~

That’s all the report! lol
It was Sae!!


1. Monomane is imitating someone/something
2. I paraphrased the italic part so please check the source if you’re not sure w/ my translation.
3. the original of it is “betobeto” that can mean “sticky feeling because of sweating a lot”

ONE OK ROCK Radio : FM Ehime Telephone Service (2)

Broadcast time : July 16th 2007, 1:00 – 1:30
Personality : Taka and Toru

Okaay!! This is the second time!! Well but, I clearly (?) missed the days where they have guests (-∀-;) It’s okay (for not having guest) though, since there’s Toru every week (〃ω〃人)
Because telephone charges in mobile phone is terrible, I listened to it from home phone~1

Okay! Okay! It’s started! They immediately played “Yume Yume” that will be released at July 25!

Yume ha miru mon janaku
Sou kanaeru mon deshou!
Dakara kanawanai yume nado
Yume to ha iwa~nai!

Air conditioner is really bad for our health! These days, summer becomes cold while winter’s getting hot (・ω・;) lol It’s electric fan after all (which is good)! Fan and folding fan is the best, too★+ Taka said he can overcome the summer heat by (listening) music (‘ー+’)!! Then Taka introduced one song! (I didn’t know what song was that (;_;))

Next, corner of introducing one recommended song! This time is Toru‘s turn!! From one admirable awesome artist
All Down Hill From Here

Oh nooo I got so addicted!!! Because it’s awesome! Everyone please try to look it up and listen! Found one more good musician! Thanks to Toru (p∀;)

Theme of the month “Summer Holiday”
About summer homework! Both of them agreed “We won’t do that”!lol
That Taka would only submit homework if it’s about arranging figurine2 and Toru would be troubled (if the homework is fine-art/drawing) because he’s not good at drawing (^^;(Actually no need to emphasize that you’re weak at it…ι)。He wasn’t good at fine-art (being no good at something is sad thing (;д;) lol)…。

And here it comes━(゜∀゜)━!!!
Coupling song of Yume Yume that will be released at July 25th, “Karasu” was played!!+
But the phone call cut off on the way… what the hell!! When I got connected back, Karasu was already over…(sad).

BGM : Kako wa kyōkasho ni mirai wa shukudai
This time, I could hear Toru and Taka saying, “Bye byee~“(/∀\*)

After ended the phone call, I put the recorded NEW FOUND GLORY‘s song on repeat~ while studying~(`∀´)The concert is still far~ I want to go to concert quickly

Come to Kansai and do joint gig!

From SAE*゜

Note :
1. I think because it’s “radio telephone service” so the blog writer has to make a call to be able to listen to the radio broadcast ^^; CMIIW
2. I translated フィギュア―を並べた as “arranging figurine” but please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂
3. Italic parts on brackets were added by me ^^