Beam of Light ~ Songs Introduction

Beam of Light Album Cover

Hey guys! (・∀・)ノ I’m taking a break and decided to take you back to the work those fools made over 5 years ago, work that was said as Taka’s least favorite. Yup, it’s self-liner notes of Beam of Light songs taken from 2 mags. Okay, here they are~! ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ

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AP Japan August 2014 Issue ~ Part 02

Mighty Long Fall/Decision, new single recorded in America together with John Feldmann who’s known as producer for The Used, etc. The recording taking place in Los Angeles that was completely different with song production in Japan gave their sound a new element. What kind of thought did they put into the single that’s released a year after their last work?


Always want to get cracking and going for things that we want to do

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AP Japan August 2014 Issue ~ Part 01

Joining Vans Warped Tour for about a month starting from June, ONE OK ROCK left a big scratch in US rock scene. Tour that gathers more than 80 talented bands in one venue has greatly inspired their way of thinking and viewpoint. What did the band see and what have they gotten in one of biggest music festival in North America which draws worldwide attention? We asked them about it.

Interview by : Leyna Miyakawa

AP Japan 01

We got a lesson overseas, but not even once it came across my mind that it’s hard.

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Recent Story of Mori Shinichi and Taka

Hello! Long time no see 😀
Sorry for the irregular update. I’ve been so busy these days that I almost have no time to read articles nor translate. Some stuff I wanna share keeps piling up in the draft, so sorry 😦
But this time I wanna share about short stories that depict the recent relationship of Mori Shinichi and his son, Taka. Idk if anyone has shared about this, but  I hope you could enjoy it. Thanks a lot to 23chan for the heads up!

Mori Shinichi, Underwent Surgery to Remove Lung Tumor

from Daily Sports Gossip published on May 11

Enka singer Mori Shin’ichi (66) who made an appearance on BS Asahi program “The Interview~ Portrait of The Top Runner” broadcasted at 10th (of May), admitted that he underwent surgery to remove lung cancer 2,3 years ago. There was a suspicion that he got a cancer but the person concerned explained through newspaper coverage, “It was found to be benign from the result of the removal”

Mori said during the program, “There was tumor in the lung and the doctor told me, ‘It’s malignant’ “. He recalled further, “We have to take it off immediately (and the surgery was decided). Eventho it went well but I was shocked to know the removed tumor was around (a pack of) cigarette big. Obviously a cancer as it’s said”

Before the surgery, Mori texted his three sons about his medical condition. The eldest son who is the vocalist of a rock band ONE OK ROCK, Taka (26) begged the doctor in the patient room, “Save my father”

From TV about Nobody’s Home live

Reporter Shimada’s view
Talking about fixing a broken relationship with the eldest son
(Yellow part) The snow breaks when I got invited to the concert
Mori : When “Nobody’s Home” in the encore was over, I stared at him as he looked in my direction and bowed down. There were things happened as he got a rebellious stage, but it’s all gone. I was glad to know that he’s growing up.

Publication Update

Hello~ (◕∀◕)ノ
Here I want to share their schedule in magazine and online publication

As written here, they will appear
☆ As a cover of “FLYING POSTMAN PRESS” that will be released on May 20
Flying Postman Press is a free online magazine. You can bookmark this page and check it again at 20th next month! (・∀・) (There’s already an announcement from FPP official Twitter here)
☆ In an interview of ROCKIN ON JAPAN May (?) issue that will be released on April 30
☆ In an interview of CUT May issue that will be released on May 19
CUT is publication product of Rockin on that’s usually published at 19th of every month.
Here’s the editorial article related to the publication on CUT
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ONE OK ROCK : This is Our Roots

newsmaker_0704-oor01sm copy
credit to :

We’ll be able to see the principle of the band by exploring the root of music. But they, who rush in with 100% pure band-style, have a root that can’t be called as rock music…isn’t it a bit surprising?
Photographer : Takaaki Miura | Interview/Text : Domei Toshitomo

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