Kiss My Drumstick

This page is dedicated to the one and only shining drummer in my heart (///∇///)

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1. Full name
Kanki Tomoya (神吉智也)
2. Birthday, birthplace
June 27, Showa 62; Takasago, Hyogo
3. Height, weight, blood type, eyesight
167.5cm, 51kg, A, really good eyesight!
4. Favorite artists
5. Recently-bought CD
Studio Apartment’s 『FOR HER FOR HIM FOR YOU』
6. What’s your most important thing?
Of course it’s music!
7. Character of yours that you like / dislike
Anything / Hate to lose. Though I think this is really good for me.
8. Part of your body (physically) that you like / dislike
My tension rises up high when I lose and it gets me depressed / when I want to do something (I seriously don’t get your answer but okay..)
9. News (topic) that recently gets your attention
Replacement of Prime Minister
10. Favorite book (novel, manga), movie, etc.
Vagabond, Akagi
11. Things you won’t lose to other members!
Billiard, bowling, ping pong
12. Way to take the stress out
Nothing special. Probably with playing drum?
13. What place do you go to do shopping?
Shibuya or Harajuku
14. Ideal date
Amusement park sounds good
15. Your goal as a part of the band
I will always keep aiming high
16.What’s the rival of ONE OK ROCK?
Metabolic syndrome.
(from 2-16 were taken from B-PASS December 2007 : Q&A)

17. Family
Dad, Mom, 3-year-older brother and 3-year-younger sister
(nice program!)
18. About Dad
✪ government worker at the city hall
✪ loves rock so much
Used to play Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, (please don’t forget Guns’nRoses, Tomoya ><) and other classic rock bands when Tomoya was a little kid that makes him can tell some old rock songs though he can’t remember the performers.
✪ Play tennis in the meantime
Mr Kanki joins tennis club in the city where he had tennis lesson twice a week, have played several matches and even took 1st or 2nd place. He loves rock as much as tennis ^^
✪ Sometimes made a really weird gag (Tomoya’s family is quite calm ) but would get fired up at their concert.
✪ Got tanned skin because of tennis but bright teeth that made Taka could find him in the crowd.

19. About Big bro
✪ Big bro played guitar in a band when he’s younger. He is the one who influenced Tomoya to play in a band. When his big bro’s band played at the livehouse nearby, Tomoya often came to see him performed.
 When Tomoya was in elementary school, he joined his brother playing baseball
✪ Get along well that even now, they still keep in contact
✪ married last year
20. About Mom
Health-freak (OMG I’m sorry Mama, I need to find more appropriate word >< ) …oh okay. So fussy about healthy life style.
Tomoya wasn’t allowed to have snacks nor drank juice because it’s bad for health. There was no such thing in the house when he’s little. Then, when he came to his friend’s house, it was such a treasure box full of snacks he never saw in his entire life. He ended up eating a lot of it. He even finished up the cup ramen. “It tasted so yummy because I rarely ate those things”
Tomoya was also not allowed to use shampoo because of particular composition, “That particular composition will go into your head through the scalp” She’s a mom who concerned health too much after all
21. School clubs he joined in elementary school
✪ Ninja club at 4th year
✪ Trump-Othello at 5th year
✪ Baseball at 6th year
(from 17-21, taken from ROJ September 2014)


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