ONE OK ROCK Keep it Real

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Realness is about making use of youth power

Dream, hostility, doubt and hope…
These songs express the genuine immature emotion of those in the “adolescence” stage.
The four tell us the joy of making music and exploding fresh passion through their new single, Keep it Real, which is to be released at December 16.

text : Koichi Kamiya | photo : Araboshi

The production of 2nd single “Keep it Real” has finished, how’s your feeling?
Taka : We made this album as our next step, as we spent around 5 months making it from scratch until it got solid. Each of us has developed and it should come out in this work. We kept playing the song (Keep it Real) in concerts that made it a warmed-up piece so the recording was done at ease.
Toru : The first track Keep it Real which had been played at our tour before summer, we rewrote it in different version which could make me wanna sing along and its melody got intense. That’s when we just decided to put it in.
Alex : It’s a sum-up of our summer concert. I think we achieved one goal. We included the parts we failed to do back then so I think we did good.
Ryota : There are also parts that will make us perform more easily.

Talking about the recording, I heard that you got yourself a producer for this album.
Taka : That’s right. He’d listen to our opinion and put them into the work. With him, we could do what we love while taking our lesson.
Ryota : (Producer) Tanaka is a fellow bassist so I learned a lot from him.
Toru : We enjoyed the making. The third track P.P.S.H. was kind of mess-around. There were moments to be focused as well as moments to have fun.

What I thought when coming to your concert is that there’s a lot of teens. Did you feel their enthusiasm?
Taka : They still got a handful of what they need to go through and achieve. However, they came all the way to our concert, remembered our songs and got hyped to them so yeah, I feel that they gave a good response.
Toru : We could get along and had fun together with the audience better than before. During summer tour, we experienced a lot of moments where the audience got into and didn’t get into our performance, but in our finale at Shimokitayama Shelter (September 14), audience who’d been coming eventually gathered up. We had a lot of fun.

The song “Keep it Real” conveys a message of keeping something real, but what does “realness” mean to all of you?
Taka : There’s been a phrase “seek something real” going around music scene lately, but what I think of realness is… to make use of power of fellow young people. I think that kids of my age face many kind of hardship. Those kids have an overwhelming amount of power that can be lead to a good direction. I hope we could encourage them to make clear of that path.
Toru : People of our age has a lot of interests and things they want to do. I want them to “just do it”.
Ryota : There will be pressures but we want them to do without getting affected.

Now that the tour was over, what are you up to?
Taka : I’m looking further for upcoming activity that I want to do. Carefully thinking about it just so I can be a bit enlightened.
Toru : Looking at concert images allows me to think back a lot. It makes me think about leveling up our music.
Alex : I have idleness-related stress LOL So I made friends and start playing basketball. I think that if I let that stress out through sports, I could make a progress on guitar practice.
Ryota : I’ve been enjoying songwriting with a recently bought PC of mine. I’d show the others when I came up with good song. Members and I also played futsal the other day.

You guys even meet up out of work?
Taka : Yeah we meet up frequently. Sure we should respect personal development but we want to cherish our time together as well.  That’s why futsal is kind of our routine LOL

Who’s the best at sports?
Ryota : Of course it’s Alex. His power is just exceptional LOL
Alex : And I’m stupid in exchange for that.
All : Hahahaha

The new single will be released on December 16 and you’re gonna hold one-man concert two days afterward. Everyone’s gonna listen to the CD but please encourage your fans.
Taka :  We’ve been thinking alot about live performance, that what we’re gonna play on stage wouldn’t be the same as in the CD so that audience could have some fun in our concerts!


Taken from : B-PASS January 2007

egasani’s note :
Heeeeeey~ hello, hello, hello~!! ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ It’s me. Hahaha
How are you guys?
Took a very loooooong break (without notice) to do stuffs. Nah, I was just being lazy.
With decreasing interest to the band, it’s kind of hard to keep up. Wait, I only translate their old stuff so why do I even care for updates?
But who cares now that I’m back (◕∀◕)ノ
I’m not gonna give everyone “one period one translation” kind of promise, but I’ll try my best to keep updating so it doesn’t need to take months for a new article on this blog. I don’t know if there’s already dedicated translator(s) out there, but they do theirs and I’ll do mine. And I won’t stop telling you, “Please forgive any mistake in translation and I’d gladly appreciate any correction”.
Lastly, so glad to come back here and hope we could meet again soon, in the other translation. Jaa~ (^∇^)/


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