Niche Syndrome Keyword Interview

After a long detailed discussion of the album, here is a bit random keyword-talk. We took some word out of title and lyric of the songs, picked up the best six and had them talked about everything based on those chosen keywords.

Rock is when someone gives his all to a single thing.

Now we’d like you to talk based on keywords we’ve picked out of song titles of this album. The first keyword taken from the song “Konzatsu Communication” is “COMMUNICATION”. What do you have in mind related to this word?

Taka : I think the most important part of communication is expressing the inexpressible.
Tomoya : It’s been tradition of mine and Ryota’s to buy our mother a present on Mother’s Day. We would send the present along with letter expressing our normally untold gratitude.

That’s wonderful.

Ryota : I just can’t express unless it’s a special occasion. And Toru’s kind of communication is a little unique I guess LOL

What’s that supposed to mean?

Ryota : How he wants to get along with like-minded people is really something. People could even tell quickly whether Toru is in good or bad vibe with someone LOL
Toru : Many times I found it’s tiring to force myself into following conversation (not of my interest) that would make me unconsciously keep myself silent. When I meet people I got chemistry with, I would immediately ask his contact info so I could ask him out for drinks.

Next keyword is taken from Adult Suits. Let’s have talk based on keyword “ADULT”

Taka : Can’t help but think of dirty joke LOL I remember when I was a kid, the word didn’t particularly have any bad meaning, but didn’t feel right anymore once I heard that word coming out of my dad’s mouth LOL
Tomoya : (In my house) My mom misspelled t-back for tea pack and no one gave a f^ck LOL
Taka : No one’s talking dirty in Tomoya’s household.
Tomoya : I’ve even never had such conversation with big brother.

How’s about Ryota, how would you relate it to?

Ryota : I’d relate it to smoking. I felt like an adult when I smoked after reaching age 20.
Taka : There’s a dandy image in the word “adult”.

Do you want to be a dandy?

Ryota : I wanna be a dandy father. Toru looks like his father so I think he will make a dandy one (like his dad) in the future.
Toru : And I’m looking more like my father every year. When I see a girl with nice style in town, I’d follow her with my eyes just like him. It runs in my blood LOL

The next keyword taken from Jibun rock is “ROCK”. What image do you guys have on the word ROCK?

Ryota : I think it’s freedom. People who goes with his gut to do anything he likes. It applies to not only playing music but doing anything. That’s what I could think of rock.
Toru : The first thing coming in my head is music and alcohol. It may be bad depiction, but “rock” is like when someone in black leather jacket, drinks some whiskey while playing his guitar and sings.
Tomoya : Working hard towards one goal is what “rock” is all about. I got the chance to talk with pro snowboarder, Kazuhiro Kokubo the other day, and I thought people with strong faith rocks. He’s super cool.
Taka : Human changes themselves into different color and appearance. Anyone who can focus on a single thing and gives their best for it, rock, and it doesn’t have to be playing music.

So that means even a salaryman/ordinary office worker can live a “rock” life. How’s about keyword LIAR?

Tomoya : It’s about what happened in April, when we had a surprise party for Taka’s birthday. The manager as our accomplice told us to go for an interview. He said, “I’m handing out the map to meeting location to Toru”, and the place we arrived at was the party venue. Surprise went well.

That’s a sweet lie. Taka should be happy too.

Taka : I was both surprised and happy. It was a pleasure to have about 15 people gathering for me.
Ryota : That was such a nice story but on April Fool day, Tomoya called me a day before PV shooting, saying “I hurt my pinky…”. It got me panicked, but he eventually said, “Kidding! LOOOL”. I was about to beat him up LOL
Tomoya : “I really fell down, it’s gonna be bad”, then I said, “Do you know what day is today?”. At the point, Toru sounded so calm.

Eeh… how did he react?

Tomoya : He said, “Can you hold the stick? You can’t do PV shooting with your hand wrapped in bandage. What should we do?”
Taka : And by reason of “he would get really mad”, I was the only one who didn’t get called by him LOL That makes me felt a bit lonely, though

Interesting how it could pull out different character. Next, keyword taken from “Mikansei Koukyoukyoku” is Mikansei (INCOMPLETE). What do you have in mind?

Taka : Someone bought me a BOSE speaker as birthday present which made me thrilled, but I don’t have amplifier needed to make the sound comes out in the first place. I want to make it a complete set soon.
Ryota : Buying new gear makes me think that I already got everything needed, but it will eventually become a trigger of getting the next one. I bought 5 string bass the other day and just when I thought it’s already perfect, I wanted to buy one more.
Tomoya : I got something terribly incomplete. It was started by “let’s burn his armpit hair” kind of thing at an after-party of some event LOL I have a thin armpit hair that would be all gone when it’s burned. It hasn’t grown back and remains incomplete LOL
Taka : Talking about hair, Toru’s hairstyle would be forever incomplete.
Toru : Because it keeps changing, huh

It was blond for a while but now it’s dyed red.

Toru : (The change) is based on my mood. I got bored of looking at my golden hair as I wash my face in the morning. “WTH with this guy! It’s gold again!” LOL It’s like, I’ve had it both long and short, applied a perm as well so I’ll have dreadlock and braid the next. Though that’s unlikely to happen LOL

Okay then, since it will be 3rd anniversary of your debut on April 25, let’s talk about our last keyword “ANNIVERSARY”.

Taka : It does remind me of 3rd anniversary. But it also feels like, “So we’ve only passed 3 years”
Toru : Sure thing is we’ve released 4 albums in 3 years.
Taka : I’m looking forward to what it would be like in 10th anniversary.
Toru : It’s already 10th anniversary for me joining the company. I’ve spent half of my lifetime in there LOL
Ryota : Out of people joining the company in the same year, Toru and I are the only ones left.

The band that stays active for ten year would be a veteran. Are you guys the type that cares about memorial day?

Taka : I actually don’t really care about such thing. Girls even remember their friends’ birthdays well. As guys easily forget memorial days, we would be careful just so our girlfriends won’t get mad LOL
Ryota : But I would get tired of monthly dating anniversary LOL
Taka : Well said! LOL

Source : B-PASS July 2010 issue
Scan by minamiyoru@weibo here


6 thoughts on “Niche Syndrome Keyword Interview

  1. Thanks, Dessy!!! We miss your translation and this is like a Gold in the dessert lol
    Thanks for letting me know about my husbando even thoudt it’s an old day but I feel that it’s stiil running in his blood now!!!

    • You’re welcome Natt ^o^
      Hahahaha who knows that his cool, goodlooking father has such a trait and even toru takes after him

  2. Hi! I’m new here and I love all of your posts! This is incredible! Can I translate it to spanish? If you want. Thanks!

    • Hello, Johanna 🙂 Thanks for reading my posts and glad you enjoyed them ^^ of course, feel free to translate it to Spanish, as I haven’t heard someone done that. And don’t hesitate to ask me anything about my writings, anytime you find something not really clear ^_^

    • Hey, Chat!
      Thank you for your appreciation ^^
      Glad to hear that you enjoy reading my post. I hope I could continue sharing about the band and please forgive the irregular update ^^;

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