Mori Masako About Her Musician Eldest Son’s Marriage “Seems It’s Getting Closer”

This year, 43 years has passed since the debut of singer Mori Masako (56). Masako chose to stop singing when she got married to her senior singer in 1986 in which she gave birth to three sons. When she was officially separated with husband in 2005, she decided to return to entertainment industry.

At the present time, the eldest (26) is active in a rock band as a vocalist. The middle son (25) works in private business and the youngest (21) is also a vocalist of a rock band.

Masako creates a strong bond with her children. She was more strict than ordinary people as a parent. Like when they gather up for meal, children would receive their chopsticks in order of eldest-middle-youngest after Dad got his. Even until now, the younger brother will use honorific speech to older brother, “What would you like to drink, Big Brother?” “What would you like to do?”

“As the only child, I was raised by parents who pampered me so the way I educated my children was probably the reaction of getting raised that way. When the children grew up and coming out to society, they will meet seniority-based relationship. I thought if I got them to learn from young age, they would naturally get used to it.”

Her three sons already live on their own so it’s only Masako and her mother who are now staying in the house. However, Masako keeps in touch with her children through phone calls and texts. The other day, she got phone call from the eldest as he got back from America, “Mom, I caught flu.”

“He got a high fever so I suggested, ‘Put some cold compress under your armpit and on the joints of your feet with gauze’. He remembered, ‘Ah, just like what Mom used to tell me when I was a kid.’ and it seems he did as he was told. Such occurrence made me think of his childhood, but there was also an event which reminds me that he’s no longer my baby boy. When we went out together for dinner, he would take care of everything from reservation to payment. When it’s time to pay the bill, he would say, “Mom, I gotta go to restroom for a moment’ and got up out his seat.

We discussed a lot about our music and he wouldn’t stop asking me questions like, ‘How would your next song be?’ or ‘Which song do you like from my album?’ But our music genre was way too different and I just didn’t get it at all so I casually responded, ‘Ah, you know the 3rd track from the top, that’s so cool’. He would figure out, ‘Mom, you haven’t listened to it, have you?’ LOL

We also took care of each other, ‘Please pay attention to your throat as the season is changing’ or ‘If you don’t eat healthy balanced diet, your immune system would likely to be weakened.'”

The eldest son never forget to take care of his mother, just like what he ever said, “I’ll be the one to take care of Mom.” His band’s doing so well and ever held a performance at Budokan in 2010. The band’s new album released the other day also made its way to the top of Oricon chart.

Masako always watch over her children’s activity, even walked on her feet to her son’s concert. Masako sitting on VIP seats at the eldest’s concert in Budokan was even witnessed by audience. The chance was taken by the eldest son to convey grateful message for both of his parents from the stage, “Dad, Mom, thank you!”

“It feels like just yesterday I was on stage in Budokan for the last concert of my third-year-high-school-girl trio (*lookup Hana no Chusan) before disbanding and my son already performed there. Rather than pride of having a successful son, my happiness as a Mom was way bigger looking at him who has grown up a decent man year by year. He’s not only nice to me, but also to my mother and people around him. He’s a thoughtful person. He also loves woman, hahaha well, he loves people. That’s what makes me happy.”

That eldest son will be 27 year old man soon, the age where his mom decided to get married.

“(His marriage time) seems getting closer, hahaha… I told him, ‘But I’m not looking for the trouble of rearing grandchild, as I already got my own business.”

These last ten years, never even once Masako reunited with her ex-husband, but her sons would always visit him during the days of Obon festival or New Year. Parent-children relationship gets intensified after they made it to overcome many hurdles happened in complicated family situation. The eldest even directly expressed out his affection towards parents through a song “Nobody’s Home”.

“I made the kid experiencing such sad memory by parent’s divorce, but I’m glad he’s grown up not losing his way. I always tell him, ‘Don’t you worry about me, just do whatever you want to do.’ I would be happy as well if my sons could reach their own dreams.”

Article from Josei Seven scheduled to be published on March 19, 2015
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