It’s been two years for ONE OK ROCK to release new album “35xxxv”. Four of them went to US for its production. Here’s the solo interview of Taka about the work which was made out of the environment where they spent all the days together!

2015/02/11 17:00


What’s left after everything got destroyed is the most precious

── This album was a release after 2 years?

Taka Yes. I wanted this to meet our expectation as close as possible so I kept writing and adding songs until October last year. We did it till the last minute.

── I heard both album and recent single were recorded overseas with foreign producers.

Taka That’s right. There’s an idea of how our image would turn out if we worked everything up in America without taking even a single breath in Japan. The place we stayed to make this album was unfamiliar for both me and members, but I was always with them all day. We spent about 300 days together in 2014.

── Did being in such environment make you wanted to make album with no limitation?

Taka I think so. I had a feeling that our previous work “JinseixBoku=” had to be the last album recorded in Japan. I wanted to take new challenge for the next one so I had to do everything that I could.

── What did you remember the most from the long process of recording?

Taka I felt strongly that the members really worked their asses off. For the first time we went to place we didn’t even understand the language, I decided the schedule as I like. I made them broke their back (LOL) They couldn’t catch up because my pace was too fast. But they gave their bests and I couldn’t thank them enough for that.

── You convinced them to finish off the race for the win?

Taka That’s what I kept in mind. I wonder if we’d been doing it in Japan just for our satisfaction. We got invited to music fest where we had good times with a lot of fans who loved us coming to our show. There was when I started to doubt, “Somehow it feels funny”. I had played in the band with anger, yet it felt odd being in such blessed situation. Therefore, I decided to bust up what’s inside myself and rebuild once again. I hate feeling satisfied.

── That means, you destroyed the constancy as you wanted to look for another new scenery?

Taka I think that what’s left after everything got destroyed is the most precious. There were times when I feel lost and now that the others are concerned about that. By following my selfish mind to do recording abroad, I encouraged others with an inspiration to “do it!”.

── Trying to finish it this way would make it a round-off, didn’t you think?

Taka Yes I did. My mindset would get narrower if I kept staying in Japan, but if I tried to breathe some air outside, I might be able to realise small matters that’re bothering me. I could also grow up as a person.

I think it’s far more advanced than the previous album “人生×僕=”

── Having an experience of working with various producers makes the song character sticks out more.

Taka True, but I wasn’t sure at first. The song type was too scattered. However, I got the chance to work with these producers and if I kept being defensive, I would’ve never been able to do it. We kept working on songs we believed would work out until we felt certain and then brought them to US. I think it’s more advanced than our previous work “人生×僕=”.

── So what’s the meaning of album title “35xxxv”?

Taka I found this number “35” a lot in America when we did the production. This number “35” dollars would be written on the bill of my meal and also on signposts. I found it too impressive as we met it during the making and it marked our turning point, so I decided to use it for the title. Everyone was over interpreting and wondering what’s the meaning of “35”, but it doesn’t have any meaning after all LOL.

── I heard the tour will start on May

Taka Eventhough we spent the year 2014 doing recording overseas, we will go home for our fans in Japan. (We did recording abroad) Because we only live once, and there’s a great response for the challenge we’ve done. I’m looking forward to more hours where I can finally meet all of you on the tour.