Releasing day for ONE OK ROCK new album “35xxxv” on February 11 is coming near. On the next issue of Rockin’on Japan that’s going to be on sale this Friday, Taka on front cover special will reveal everything about this work. This issue will also include full, solo interview of himself.

A keyword to look through this album is “the world“. They started out on a journey to America which is Mecca for all members and got along with producer and fellow musicians of foreign land while making this piece of work. They’ve improved their style more and finished the most powerful rock album. But in the process, was there any wall or crisis the band had to confront? Taka here will tell you the whole story behind the making. Here on RO69, we’ll give you a teaser of brand-new photos and interview transcript. Please look forward to this next issue!

Text = Tokuyama H. | Photos = Hanzawa Katsuo

When I heard the tickets were sold out, I could only feel all grateful. It was intriguing feeling that I didn’t quite understand how things would turn out. In South America, people welcomed us at the airport like Justin Bieber LOL. There were securities and metal fence installation, also hundreds of fans waiting.

We’d been making album just to make people listen to our music and like us. But seeing different countries makes us broaden our view of the world. That’s why we have to let go such mindset from now on.

Even with music I’m proud of doing, I didn’t have to courage to say, “We’re gonna ace the stadium concert with our music”. If we continued doing so, it would make us defensive.

We’ve been doing this for ourselves. That’s why no matter how people take over us, we’d get stronger. I want our music to take one step ahead favorite bands, talents, musicians and idols. So we’re taking the risk. That makes up for what Japanese artists are lacking*.

There’s even time when dream won’t come true though we say it will. What makes me want to say that I’ll make it into reality is because I’ve understood such reality. I’d like to say that the point is, it isn’t the matter of whether our dream is fulfilled or not, but how far we’ve come to make it  real so we could be aware of our true ability. The experience we got from that hardwork will surely lead us to our future ahead.
Because not all dreams would come true. I’d say I’ll make it true after knowing such reality. I’d like to make point that it’s not the matter of whether our dream is fulfilled or not, but how far we’ve come to reach it so we could see our hidden ability. What’s left from the effort we’ve made will surely lead our previous self to the future.

I thought it didn’t sound like ONE OK ROCK. The same feeling was going around other members. That’s when I felt we need to do this. If I didn’t do that, we would have gone to US for nothing. I was like, we’re coming here to learn about everything, so let’s try the recording.

I think that a lot of things were going to change after we finished the album. How do I say it, well I was grateful that I’d done this work. Of course that time, it was just stuff that’s still up in the air. But I was already sure that this album would make changes to something.

To be continud on Rockin’on Japan March issue, which will be released this Friday, February 20th 2015!


*Apologize for any mistakes. Correction will always be appreciated.
** Made a correction in the italic part
*** decide to define defensive => not open to challenge nor critics
**** in Taka’s opinion, what’s lacking of Japanese artists is (a courage) to take the risk. He doesn’t mean anything bad nor feeling one of a kind, though. Just Taka being Taka LOL


10 thoughts on “ROCKIN’ON JAPAN INTRODUCTION, March 2015 Issue

  1. i really adore your articles about one ok rock.. do you have any facebook or istagram accounts where i can follow your updates? perhaps u have tumbler account? im hoping for your response.. Thank you..

    • Hello~ thanks for reading my translation 🙂 Well I have facebook, no IG but if I update my WP or Tumblr, it will appear on my Twitter. Username is egasani, while my Tumblr is cosmonaut2706 ^^

  2. I shared this article on the group page i manage on facebook. 😁 it was really a big eye opener for the fans. Thank you very much 😊 im lookin forward for your future articles soon.

    • You’re welcome! ^^I hope people didn’t misunderstand. If your page is in another language, you might translate to make it easier 🙂

      • My groupmates really appreaciated your article 🙂 please update more articles for us to enjoy 🙂 lets work together 🙂 by the way im Viene im from the Philippines.. Hope we could be friends.

      • Let’s be friends then 🙂 Nice to know you, Viene! I’m on Twitter and if you got one I could follow you ^^
        Thanks for your and your friends’ appreciation! I really like when people enjoy reading and know the guys more.

  3. I already followed you on twitter and thanks for following back 🙂 can i have ur facebook acct too? So we could chat 🙂 and i can introduce you to our group…

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