Ginus, Bonus

It’s been a while! How are youu? I miss everyone in the band, in the fandom, A LOT! Really!

It’s already second week of January, but still, HELLO 2015! May this year be a blessing for us 😉

when I said I miss everyone in the band, seriously guys, I MISSED THEM for like 3 months?? Or even more?? no longer keep up with them, their updates… okay, some people still tried to let me know whenever something happened and I DID check their instagram accounts sometimes but NO. I used to do more than just checking official site, official Facebook page, official Twitter, and their IG accounts. I used to look up Twitter, Facebook fanpages, Weibos, 2ch, Mixis, Ameblos… whatever lol. Recently I have less time for that 😦

Today I decided to check Twitter and looked for Tomoya-related tweets… and found this

One thing drew my attention from the list of mysterious (or unknown) words Tomoya used more on the blog


Yes, Ginus (ギヌス) or here we can find it as Longinus (ロンギヌス) and Bonus (ボヌス).

Everyone ever wondered what those words were supposed to mean?

Let’s see where Tomoya uses the words on blog entries.
Below is from one entry published on Oct 22nd 2009 with title “Sendai → Aomori”

Then I had long-sought beef tongue!
That was… godly!

Too sleepy…Bonus

The second one…

Then, talking about the cold weather these days, how is it.
I think it’s already too much.
I want kotatsu.
I want to eat mikan.

Still, about bonus in the other entry

And, it was midnight, 1.30 am.

Because it was bonus/ awful to have an empty stomach, we had ramen on break.

Toruge, he was drinking eh.

The last one is about Ginus/Longinus

Its bright color is appetizing.
Also its texture,


There I put some of the greatest ever man-invented seasoning called mayo


When I looked up on Google (try to put “ボヌス tomoya oneokrock” on Google), I found some fans were also wondering about the meaning of it (bonus)

Snap 2015-01-08 at 19.20.57
What is bonus?
Snap 2015-01-08 at 19.19.00
Q72 Who do you like? Tomoya (゜_゜) Bonus
Snap 2015-01-08 at 19.32.18
From now on, I will always listen to Tomoya’s cool drumming! Bonus!


Now let me tell you one thing. Maybe there’s some people who already knew about it, but for people who haven’t known, Tomoya got a *secret* private Twitter account that he used to connect to his friends and siblings and this account was active around 2010-2012. There I found the meaning of Ginus and Bonus from his conversation with his friend (oyeah, I stalked much, sorry not sorry) Anna.

Snap 2015-01-08 at 19.24.57

@anna : So you made it up! LOL! Let’s use it (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) RT @tomoya’sacc : Bonus is when you feel like, “Haah… the worst/awful…”. While Ginus is when you feel like, “Wow! The best!” I made them up LOL

So ginus means “awesome” or “amazing” while bonus means “awful” or “terrible“.

How about longinus then? I guess it’s superlative form of ginus, like long+ginus=longinus = really amazing, the best, the greatest. Hahaha~ Tomoya is not only our drum master, heavy smoker and manga-worm (?), he’s also our slang word maker!

Still, there are words like punsu which meaning I haven’t known. (゜_゜)
Wonder if I would find it someday, or he would reveal himself the other meaning of those words he’s made so we House Kanki could make him one “Tomoya Dictionary” or “Tomoya Code”. Hahaha


10 thoughts on “Ginus, Bonus

  1. Hi Dessy how are you? 😀
    This… is a very informative post!!!!! Tomoya *shakes head* he’s amazing (in various meanings) hahahaha… btw that photo… tomoya in glasses… aaaaaaah *heartthrobbing*
    Can’t wait for the new album in February yay!!

    • Helloooooo Yanti!! (‘o’)/ I’m goooood how about you? 😀
      Thanks! I love Tomoya in glasses too ❤ ❤ Ginus!
      Hmmm you seem so excited 😀 I've been trying to calm down. We know we just can't lol

  2. hahaha this is too funny and he’s always made us surprised!! Thanks, Dessy for interesting information as always.
    Don’t worry about being stalker your husbando because who not?? LOL
    If you don’t do, who will? Again Thank you, I’m so happy to see you back 😀

    • You’re welcome, Natt 🙂
      Bahahahahha yeaaaaah! (^c^) Waifu always stalks eh 😀 Plus I’m just trying to be informative to other waifus and fans so i guess my stalking is forgivable :p

  3. Hahaha yes!!! You know we have another phrase from him since he started IG. do you remember “ぷりげ ” which we have no idea about it? Since you said he is a slang creator, so this ぷりげ will have a special meaning for him too. 😀

  4. Dessy! Hi! I’m a bit curious. And by a “bit” i mean really curious. lol please share tomo’s rwitter acc. I want to stalk him too. ❤ and omg. I super love your blog entries! Big fan of OOR 😀

  5. Dessy! Hi! I’m a bit curious. And by a “bit” i mean really curious. lol please share tomo’s rwitter acc. I want to stalk him too. ❤ and omg. I super love your blog entries! Big fan of OOR 😀

    • I apologize for both replying late and can’t tell you his twitter account since it’s already deactivated. Glad to hear that! ^^

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