On-Air Time
First broadcast Please check below for the detail

A four-week-period broadcast including live depiction and interview about ONE OK ROCK’s first Europe and Asia tour titled “Who are you??Who are we??” that was carried out in October-December 2013.
Europe and Asia tour that was conducted in 12 venues of 11 countries which is “a word-scale new challenge”, enthusiasm of overseas fans,  many kinds of behind-the-scene drama etc; a must-see broadcast of  rare footage about those guys that no one has seen it.


First broadcast : April 16th (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : April 18th (Fri) 2:45-

First broadcast : April 23rd (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : April 25th (Fri) 2:45-

First broadcast : April 30th (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : May 2nd (Fri) 2:45-

*day of broadcast for the fourth part hasn’t been decided
** Japan time of course 😉


WHO’S EXCITED FOR THIS?? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Thank you, 23chan for sharing this info ^o^)~♥


9 thoughts on “[INFO] ONE OK ROCK SPECIAL

  1. I’m excited! You’re right! Maybe this means new music… In May! As the four part show ends… This is what I expect. 🙂

  2. Dessy &23chan thank u thank u thank u so much for sharing this info~!!!!!
    Very excited and looking forward to the braodcast!
    Hope someone will share these. Pretty plz~~~~~

    • You’re welcome, Belle!!( ゚∀゚ )
      I knooooww~ we’re even already excited of the countdown and now this! ((o(≧◡≦)o))
      I’m sure there will be someone kind to share this ><

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