On-Air Time
First broadcast Please check below for the detail

A four-week-period broadcast including live depiction and interview about ONE OK ROCK’s first Europe and Asia tour titled “Who are you??Who are we??” that was carried out in October-December 2013.
Europe and Asia tour that was conducted in 12 venues of 11 countries which is “a word-scale new challenge”, enthusiasm of overseas fans,  many kinds of behind-the-scene drama etc; a must-see broadcast of  rare footage about those guys that no one has seen it.


First broadcast : April 16th (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : April 18th (Fri) 2:45-

First broadcast : April 23rd (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : April 25th (Fri) 2:45-

First broadcast : April 30th (Wed) 22:00-22:15
Repeat : May 2nd (Fri) 2:45-

*day of broadcast for the fourth part hasn’t been decided
** Japan time of course 😉


WHO’S EXCITED FOR THIS?? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Thank you, 23chan for sharing this info ^o^)~♥


Waiting for Surprise!

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credit picture : http://kavenyou.com

That’s what came in my mind when I read ONE OK ROCK’s new tagline (?), FOOL COOL ROCK. Eeeh is this even a tagline? People’s been really excited with the mysterious countdown this band released around yesterday and it’s still counting! About 3 days and 6 hours when I make this post 😀
Everyone makes their own guess. Album, single, merch site, clothing brand, announcement for USTREAM broadcast, “It’s about the time for Tomoya to make ramen!” and even tour DVD! (I’m pretty excited with the last one ♥)  My guess is Tomoya and Ryota’s photo website (LOLOL), because I think if it’s band-related stuff like album or single, they usually make the special site under their homepage, not making this kind of separated, special site. Well, if I’m not mistaken, the last time ONE OK ROCK made countdown was for Zankyou Reference album and 2 day concert at Yokohama Arena.
Soo… people can make any guess now, but March 19 will be the decision no one can complain. Let’s just wait for it with all the excitements! \(^o^)/

Btw… sorry for not giving you any translation lately (´・_・`)