Voice From Friends



The first time I met K, it was 10 years ago, at one studio in Yokohama.
That time was before I joined the recording company, and to edit the music and lyric, I put them into PC and brought it in my backpack,
then going alone to the nearby studio.

One day when I went out to the studio’s lobby after finishing the work, I bumped into a bunch of young fellows looking and smiling at me.
And one outstanding person among those guys was K.
That time K was still active at his previous band,
and they seemed having a meeting at the lobby after rehearsal.

K looked happy when he started to talk to me and we shook hands,then giving me a curious look as he noticed me carrying a backpack and started asking stuffs innocently like what’s inside that backpack, what are you doing with the PC; he was so impressive.

As I could remember, he was the type of man who’s a bit careless once he got some interest and would start talking to anyone,
had impulsive and wild side, also quite sensitive.
That was the impressions I had on K that time.

Years passed by, and the next time I met K, he’s already in PTP.
As I thought, my first impression to him didn’t change. When he’s on the stage,
he would very innocently move around like fish in the water, sang out and screamed.
His voice and performance strongly told that he really loves music and singing, was also greed in a good meaning that he would spiritedly pursue everything he likes to the bitter end.

As he would grow up everytime they released album, he grew up to be a really charming and provocative vocalist.
Thereafter, by the chance of drinking together as common friend increased as well as the chance of having event or the like and joint gig, my interaction with K and all PTP members went deeper.
But no matter how situation had changed, no matter how much he had grown up,
my impression of him never changed and he kept having a naive heart,
a completely young boy.

Again, perhaps that was also because of the other members who warmly watched over him while supporting and motivating each other that K kept being such kind of person.

I respect a band with such passion called PTP.
And I’m grateful to K who always cherished me. Thank you for the beautiful encounter.
To be able to take part in this album, I feel very honoured.
I feel so proud, too.

That radiant, shining voice of K
will keep living inside me, inside everyone, forever.

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Mori Shinichi mentioned his eldest son, Taka of ONE OK ROCK and was glad about Taka’s recent activity


Singer Mori Shinichi (65) made a live appearance on broadcast of NHK talk show ”Studio Park Kara Konnichiwa” (aired on Mon-Fri at 1:05) at November 12th, and there he mentioned about his eldest son who’s a vocalist of a rock band, ONE OK ROCK named Taka (25) when answering a question from TV viewer.

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[Official Lyric] P.T.P x Taka – VOICE

A fellow OORer on Twitter, Claire shared songs from PTP new album, gene via her Soundcloud
One of the songs which sang out by Taka, drew my attention because of the duration. The title is Voice. Once I started listening, this song instantly caught my heart. Taka’s feeling towards the late vocalist… is just… (;___;)
I’m sorry. Let’s just skip it and go to my attempted lyric
NOTE : Sorry I’ve edited this post like a hundred times already, but I hope it’s the last time :p

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[Net Talk] Maximum the Hormone Monthly Talk #5

Hello! (・∀・)ノ
It will be my first non-quote translation of this blog, I’m kinda excited!
But sorry if I’m not that excited to make full translation. I will just write down what I understand here, and only the part where Daisuke Han (Maximum the Hormone’s vocalist) and Nao (MTH’s drummer) talk about their joint live with ONE OK ROCK in Hachioji, Nagoya.
Use the picture to guide you to the time of talks.

So here it is and enjoy ( ´∀`)

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